2016-2017 Executive Board

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Jennifer Pinto

Jennifer Pinto is a Junior, of Cuban background, from Hialeah, Florida seeking a degree in Political Science. Besides being involved with her sorority, she devotes her time into making MGC amazing.

Why did you love MGC: MGC has welcomed me with open arms. My leadership has developed tremendously because of MGC. This council also represent diversity on so many levels, whether it's traditions or cultures. MGC has been my home away from home. It is also more than just a representation of our 10 chapters. It's a representation of each individual put into one.


Bryan Hernandez

Bryan is a Junior, of Mexican Background, from Bradenton, Florida seeking a double major in Accounting and Management Information Systems (MIS). Besides being involved with his fraternity, he is also involved in other organizations as President of the Mexican American Student Association (MASA) and in Phi Beta Lambda business organization. 

Why do you love MGC: This council is very diverse in so many ways but even with all this diversity, we are all united as one and the bonds that we create with one another is like no other. Its amazing how we can all relate to one another even though we aren't from the same ethnicity, background or country. We are all unique and united as one. 


Amber Sagastume

Amber Sagastume is a Junior, of Guatemalan and Mexican background, from Hialeah Gardens, Florida seeking a double major in criminology and psychology. Besides being involved in her sorority, she is also involved in the Community Ambassadors Program, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Hispanic Latino Student Union (HLSU) , Mexican American Student Association (MASA)  and I work for FSU Night Staff.

Why do you love MGC: MGC has provided me with a home away from home, giving me the opportunity to associate myself amongst cultured individuals who seek to succeed and go far beyond the minimum to reach their goals.


Agrim Bhargava

Agrim Bhargava is a junior, of Indian Background, who lived in India for eight years before moving to Weston, Florida is seeking a degree in Actuarial Science. Along with his involvement with his fraternity, he is involved with Asian American Student Union (AASU), works at the student union as a building ground assistant and was the former treasurer of the Indian Student Association (ISA), 

Why did you join MGC: MGC has provided me the opportunity to embrace my own culture and appreciate other cultures while making life long bonds with people from various backgrounds. Thanks to MGC, I was able to find a family at FSU.


Membership Director

Crystal Posey

Crystal Posey is a Senior, of Persian background, from Tallahassee, Florida seeking a double major in Teaching and Environmental Science. Besides her involvement with her sorority, she is involved with the Iranian Student Association (ISA) and WeTeach. 

Why did you join MGC: Joining MGC has been the best choice I have ever made. I love it because not only am I making life long friendships and connections but through this organization, I am able to embrace not only my culture but learn and appreciate many others as well.


Council Liaison 

Nazbi Chowdhury

Nazbi Chowdhury is a Junior, of Bengali background, from West Palm Beach seeking a double major in Political Science and Finance. Along with his fraternity involvement, he is part of the Asian American Student Union (AASU) and works with FSU Research Complex under Florida Center for Reading Research. 

Why did you join MGC: MGC is accepting of all cultures, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. It serves as a home away from home. MGC formed the path for me to not only develop as a leader but expand my connections and relationships with the student body here at Florida State, and for that I can't be thankful enough!